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Photo booth fun, studio quality results

Prehaps they are meant to be used for sensible pursuits like photos for passports or driving licenses, but the best use for them, we believe, is cramming in as many people as you can manage and seeing how ridiculous you can make the results.  Everybody knows this. Even your mum.

So imagine this:

You have a button - You have full control

Photos appear instantly either on on iPad in front of you or space provided, projected, life-sized, on to a screen.

And it's not so much a booth as an area. We have had groups of 15+ people in our Photobooth. Don't limit yourself to having 3 or 4 people huddled together against a drab cliché background.

A rare chance for you and all your friends to have professional quality photos taken against a STUDIO WHITE background!

Photos are more than just headshots! These are BIG! Jump in, and get full head to toe shots if you want!

And of course we provide a wide selection of props including everyone's favourite - inflatable guitars!