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Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress

January 12, 2017

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Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress

In this blog, I'll be going though a few of the more frequently asked questions, when it comes to choosing your perfect wedding dress. As I can't personally attest to having ever bought a wedding dress, or any dress for that matter, I decided to seek out a little help. The guys over at Mae Bridal, Witney were fantastic and seemed to know everything there was to know, about wedding wear.

If you wanted to get in touch, I would urge you to give them a call on 01993 706556. Their shop can be found in Waterloo Walk, 58-60 High St, Witney.

The shop itself is tucked away, setback from the busy high street, but definitely worth seeking out.

Q: How long before the wedding, do you advise buying the dress?
Mae Bridal: We recommend that you give at least 8-12 months from your initial order, to allow for completion of your dress.

Q: What is really coming into fashion right now?
Mae Bridal:We are seeing flowing, floaty, romantic gowns becoming really popular at the moment.

Q: Are veils in or out?
Mae Bridal: For church weddings, they still seem very popular!

Q: How long should I expect my first visit to be?
Mae Bridal: We really recommend that you set aside at least 1 1/2 hours if you are looking to try a dress on.

Q: If I want to bring my mum/sister/friend with me, is that ok?
Mae Bridal: Of course - we have no problem with you bringing extra people along, it can really add to the experience. However we also would advise you to keep to a smaller number of guests, so that we can really focus on you - after all, this is all about you!

Q: Once I've come in and decided on a dress is that it?
Mae Bridal: For a relatively straight forward purchase, you might expect to have 3-4 shop visits, however this number can vary. It's definitely not a one stop shop. Don't feel embarrassed to come back if you have any questions.

A few extra bits of information about Mae Bridal:

Price range £750-£2000

Opening hours are generally by appointment only

(However Andrea was lovely, and I would alway recommend giving her a call, and seeing if you can't just pop in. She lives close by, and was happy to open up her shop, for me to have a look around!)


For more information, please feel free to check out there website:




posted by Steve Urwin | January 12 2017
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