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Why hire a professional Photographer

October 19, 2016

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Why hire a professional Photographer

Why not have a friend with a camera shoot your wedding and save some money.


Good photography is more than a fancy camera. I have spent years, perfecting my skill set and countless hours photographing weddings. I know how to get the shot predictably every time. I know what makes a great composition. How to capture feeling, and evoke emotion. It isn’t having a good camera that enables me to do this, rather a combination of all the prior experience and training, I’ve had up until this point.


A professional wedding photographer will know the flow of the day. Why is this important? Because having photographed many weddings before, a professional wedding photographer will know exactly where to be positioned for the perfect angle of your first kiss, or when a close family member sheds a tear after seeing you enter the church. You can only know these things with experience.


A professional photographer won’t be phased by bad lighting conditions. Whether it be a dark church ceremony, or an overly bright reception, I will know within seconds where the best light will be, and the best spot to stand.


A professional wedding photographer will know the best way to deal with all the raw emotions of a wedding day. Whether that be knowing how to get mum to stop panicking, or dad announcing the time every 20 seconds, pressuring the whole morning. A professional, experienced wedding photographer will know how deal with these occurrences, whilst maintain a composed, and relaxed demeanour.


After the flowers have wilted, and your guests have all left, the only thing that you’ll have are your wedding photos, it would be a shame to have them anything less than perfect.


posted by Steve Urwin | October 19 2016
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